About the Blog:

I created this site to be both practical and inspirational. It took me quite a while to create because I wanted to remain true to myself while being able to help others. That is why recipes are only part of the information you’ll find here. In addition to recipes, you’ll find cooking tips, shopping advice and information to help you cook more and cook better foods.

All the recipes here will cater to those who are looking to achieve a healthier diet while defining what that means to them. I ask that you be lenient with me in the evolution of this space.

Ironically, I rarely use recipes when cooking. I’m usually creating something new or tinkering with an old favorite recipe. I encourage you to experiment with these recipes and to make them your own. Try using tarragon in a recipe that calls for basil, or brown rice instead of jasmine- be creative, have fun and enjoy!


About the Blogger:

Hi! I’m Natasha, an avid cook, eater, photographer, writer and recipe developer. Though originally from the Midwest, I have spent most of my adult life on the east coast by way of Howard University. I am curious and passionate about food as it relates to health, tradition and culture, and accessibility. I hope that passion come across through on this blog.